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Mama Ejiro

(Bimbo Akintola)


The beautiful seamstress married to Churchill (Papa Ejiro) has 2 kids. She aspires to clothe the high and mighty but faced with the reality of an unplanned family.



(Sani Danja)


A handsome, educated and open-minded man. He is the Chief Accountant of “Sea Breeze Oil And Gas” group as well as close friend and confidant to John Atta. He is married to Salamatu and is expecting his first child.


John Atta

(Fred Amata)


A wealthy billionaire who’s married to Victoria Atta and has three daughters. He is the CEO of “Sea Breeze“ an oil and gas company and heir to the Atta Empire.A very amiable boss and a loving husband and father. He is close to his mother, Lady Atta, who often pushes his boundaries and questions his decisions.


Councilor Tajudeen Animashaun

(Bimbo Manuel)


A politician on Newman Street and Father of 5 children – 1 girl – Funke, and 4 boys (including KK). Councilor has 2 wives: Risi and Moji. He is an elected official that plays the role of community head as well as government representative for health. He’s a good talker like all politicians, but he does not always practice what he preaches.


Teacher Chongo

(Edmond Enaibe)


A firm primary school teacher. Teacher Chongo is also a regular at Madam Labembe’s. He is stuck in an older generation – listens to high life, jazz, classical music. He’s always properly dressed in a 60’s style and very reluctant to get with the trend. He is married to the beautiful, young Kirot and they have 2 children (Doshima and Tsav).



(Comfort Eneikwumonu)


She is the naïve, emotional, submissive wife of Teacher Chongo. Kirot supports her husband’s love for music and encourages him to pursue a music career again. She has 2 children (Doshima and Tsav). Kirot was devastated by the death of her child but she is a fighter. She’s motivated to do everything possible to keep her family safe.


Lawyer Dan

(Paul Alumona)


A young lawyer fondly called ‘charge and bail’. He keeps his past secret from Newman Street, moving into the neighborhood where everyone believes he’s a legit lawyer. He sees himself as ‘the real legal authority’ on Newman Street.



(Minjin Adewale)


A talented, young and handsome barber and aspiring Afro-hip hop artist. He is easy going and has got a likable personality. He is on the verge of fame and success. Andy is torn between two women; Funke – the councilor’s daughter and Caroline. He lives with his grandmother, Mama, who raised him. Andy’s dreams and goals are inspiring. YOu can Watch him show his dance moves here



(Lemmy Adejo)


The first son of Councilor Tajudeen Animashaun. Young and spoilt. He is popularly known for causing trouble with his crew on Newman Street.


Puis the Chemist

(Emmanuel Ayalogu)


Pius owns the patent medicine store on Newman Street. He is semi educated with no formal patent medicine training but is highly trusted by the people.He is a business man, a schemer keen on pushing sales. He always finds something that his customers ‘need’.



(Ekemini Nankere)


An ambitious young lady. Caroline is deliberate and smart. She is Andy’s manager and yearns for his approval and love. She will do anything to get his career off the ground and give him the break she thinks he deserves.


Churchill aka Papa Ejiro

(Ejiro Benjamin)


Married to Angelina (Mama Ejiro). ‘Papa Ejiro’ or ‘Chocho’, as he is popularly called by his friends, is a friendly, trustworthy man with a great sense of humor. He’s been John Atta’s driver for the past 5 years. He works hard but never seems to have enough money to provide for his family. However, he is able to still squeeze out some for his almost daily visits to Madam Labembe’s bar where he relaxes to forget his responsibilities.



(Bilqis Guobadia)


A retired midwife who owns a kiosk on Newman Street. She is Andy’s Grandmother. She is loveable, trustworthy and adored on Newman Street. She hates injustice.



(Emmanuel Ilemobayo)


A young and arrogant hustler who runs a snooker table in front of Andy’s barber shop. He doesn’t believe in Andy’s musical career. He is reckless, smokes, drinks and enjoys a good party.



(Irene Minimah)


The daughter of councilor Tajudeen Animashaun. Young and spoilt. She is madly in love with Andy and enjoys the attention he gives her. Funke is daddy’s girl and she’s used to getting what she wants.


Akpos and Amerika

(Folar Asade | Sagay Paul)


Papa Ejiro’s relatives that came from the village to tell him about his mother’s health thereby, making his financial situation worse. Now, they are unwilling to return to the village as they have begun to enjoy city life. They are the clowns on Newman Street.


Madam Labembe

(Ijeoma Richards)


She is the owner of the popular “Lambembar’s bar” – a neighborhood bar. She’s jovial and streetsmart. She does not joke with her business. She speaks her mind and handles her rowdy customers well. She is playful but can be aggressive when necessary.


Doctor Baba

(Sani Mu’azu)


Dr. Baba is a principled Newman Street medical doctor who has a genuine desire to save lives. He’s highly revered by all in the neighbourhood.


Dr Sophie

(Odera Olivia Orji)


A Youth corps doctor posted to the health centre on Newman Street. She loves her job and is eager to confront the serious medical issues for which she became a doctor. Headstrong and outspoken, but with a true love for her patients.



(Maji T. Augustine)


The “mai ruwa” on Newman Street. He relies on his physical strength to earn a living. When ill, he resorts to self medication and traditional medicine. He does not believe an illness can bring him down.


Victoria Atta

(Shaffy Bello-Akinrimisi)

A lawyer by profession, she is the beautiful, elegant and ambitious wife of John Atta and mother to their 3 children. Also well brought up in a wealthy family, she effortlessly combines her law practice with the running of her home and the upbringing of their three daughters. Victoria believes in the sanctity of marriage and loves her family. Their marriage is the ‘perfect’ union of two people from the same class..

lady attah

Lady Atta

(Tosan Ugbeye)


An excessively wealthy widow who is the Chairman of the board of the Sea Breeze. Her goal is to see that her husband’s legacy stays within the family.She is grooming John to be the successor and will stop at nothing to see her goal realized. She is strong, imposing and deeply concerned that John does not have a male child.



(Hauwa Allahbura)


The young and beautiful wife of Usman. She’s friends with Bilikisu and Maimuna; who are also her trusted advisers. She is strongly influenced by her family, peers and her tradition and culture.


Hajia Habiba

(Aina Bello)


She is the wife of Dr. Baba and mother to Usman.She is an entrepreneur who operates from home.